Wednesday, September 4, 2013

My horse story

I was out with my horse "Ken"  for a little bit of a ride and then I got hot so we went to my little lake and I got off of Ken, got undressed and I went for a swim and Ken was eating grass and when I got out of the lake, I saw that Ken had his cock out of its sheath and when Ken saw me, his cock started moving up and down banging his cock onto  his belly.  I walked up to Ken and rubbed my hand down his neck to his sides and then down to his cock.  Ken's mushroom cock head went up and his pee/cum hole was sticking out about 5 more inches.  And it was like you could put a quarter in it!

Thursday, July 25, 2013

I want a cock now.

I woke up this morning and I was very horny and I could feel my cum just dripping out of my pussy hole onto my legs.  So I got up and put on a T-shirt and shorts and walked to my back door and went outside, went into the field and kept on walking to the fence of the horse farm up the road.  I knew there was a very horny male horse on that farm because every time when I toke my walk past the farm, that male horse would be waiting for me at the fence and walked with me till he had to stop cuz the fence ended.  He would always have his long cock out as we walked together.  I could hear him beating his hard long cock on his belly.  I wished I do something for him.  Sigh.  But now I will give him my wet pussy hole for his long horny cock.
        I came up to the fence and found the male horse laying down on the ground.  I got over that fence and ran to the horse and I said," I'm here boy!! I'm here for your hard long cock!! I couldn't let you panning for me no longer.  I'm yours now!! Please get up and mount me baby!! I want your long cock inside of me and I want to feel your cock as it will be giving me your hot loads of sperm inside of my cervix!! Make me squirt my cum all over your cock head!!"  Just then the male horse got up and I toke off my T-shirt and shorts and I  found alot of long green grass and got down on all 4's  and he came up be hind me and his front legs went over my shoulders and head!! I felt his huge mushroom cock head pushed into my pussy hole and my pussy hole made a "groaning sound" and then he started humping me like crazy!! I was pushing back onto  his thrusts, making his cock go in deeper and then I felt a blast from his cock head of pre-cum and thrusting again.  I was loving this all and I was having mini-orgasms  so his cock wouldn't hit a dry patch in my canal.  at one point I thought that my pussy was going to split open because his cock shaft was like a (tree branch) but my pussy just straighted out more so all of his cock could get inside of my pussy hole.   ( I've dreamed of this time for many nights) but I've never thought I would be doing it for real!!
  His cock went through my cervix and was hitting my cervix's wall with his huge mushroom cock head.  OMG!! His ball sack is sitting on my ass right now.  He has all his cock inside of my pussy!! I cant believe it but it is true!! Now he is making his cock head move up and down inside of my cervix, rubbing his cock head and letting me feel his pee/cum hole, uzzseing a creamy like stuff on my cervix walls.   Then I felt his ball sack shacking and my pussy canal tighten up around as his 1st load of hot sperm is going through his cock shaft and then  his mushroom cock head flared out, his pee/cum hole came out about like a foot from his flare and started squirting his 1st load of hot sperm all around inside my cervix.  I gasped and that made me squirt my 1st load of creamy cum too. My 1st orgasm hit me good and hard as my front half went down onto the grass but I was yelling," OH HELL YES!!! That is what I needed boy!! I need your big cock inside my pussy so you could make me cum, cum, cum many times with you!! I want your cock to be inside of my pussy for now on.  OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO YES!!!"  But then my orgasm stopped and then his sperm stopped too.  But then I felt his cock sliding out of my pussy hole.  But before his mushroom cock could come out of my pussy, the male horse quickly laid down right behind me!  I stayed down on the ground and then laid down beside the male horse belly.Very close to his sheath. My pussy hole still had his mushroom cock head just inside of the opening.  With my cervix full now, I guess it was his way of telling me," Rest Time!! And didn't want his cock head to come out of me.  

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Tells of 2 cocks!! And 1 pussy!!

In olden days, way ,way, way into the past, where there was still dragons and witches and magic and Kings and all that stuff was still going on............. My story starts off ................  

     I was a slave to a master that never cared about me at all. He finally gave up on me and told me to get water from well.  As I walked outside to the well, the guy left on his horse and never came back.  As I was putting my pail into the well to get the water out of it, I put the rope on the pail and dropped it down into the well. I heard it splash down into the water and then I used the wheel to get my pail up and then I heard a little old woman's voice behind me and I almost jumped into the well.   I turned around and saw a little old woman standing behind me  and I asked," Who are you and what do you want?"  The little old woman said," I saw your master leave you behind to defind yourself to everything and everyone.  Can you please give me some water because I have been walking for a very long time. And can you please get me a chair to sit down on too, Miss?"  I looked at this old woman and I said," Good bye to him and now I am free!! And yes I can little old woman. Just stay here and I will be right back.  But first, here is the water you want." I gave her some water out of the pail and then I went running back to the cabin  and then I ran back with a small chair for the little old woman.  The little old woman sat down and smiled at me and then asked," Do you have any money for food or anything? I said," No I do not!! I only have this cabin and this well. That's it!!"  The little old woman put her hand in to her pocket and pulled out a beautiful necklace and handed it to me and said," For being so kind to m, I will give you this magic necklace and all you need to do is rub it in the morning and say," I want to talk to a dog or a horse and a dog or a horse will appear in the back of the cabin. they will be able to  hear you talk and you can hear them talk to you.  The horse  and the dog is magic and will give you want ever you want.  But DO NOT TELL EVERY ONE ABOUT THEM. Or you will loss the magic in the necklace.  Do you want that to happen?"  I said," No I do not want that!!"  Then I asked the woman," Do you want any more water?"   I turned around and saw that the little old woman was gone.   But the necklace was laying on the chair.  I went over to the chair and picked up the necklace and put it around my neck.  I went back inside the cable and made food for myself and fell asleep on the bed.  
        I woke up early in the morning and rubbed the necklace  and said," I want to a dog."  Then I looked outside the back of the cabin and there I saw a big dog standing there at the back door.  I walked slowly to the door and then I slowly started to open it up and the dog said," It's about time you open up the back door, young...... oh wow! You are very good looking woman. Can I please come inside to warm up by your fire, and we can talk more.  It's cold out there."   I couldn't believe my ears. That dog just talked to me!"  I smiled and said," Please come in sir."   The dog came walking into the cabin and sat down on the floor in front of the fire place.   I closed up the door and went in and sat on the chair and looked at the dog. The dog cleared his toath  and said," Sir??? My name is Luke and yours is?????????"   I said," My name is Karla.  I live here alone.  And That's the way I want to keep it too.  No one comes out here or even stops by.  Are you really magic, Luke?"  Luke started to laugh and said," Karla, Only me and Geoff are magic. And we can only talk to you.  Please tell me more about your self, Karla."   I smiled at Luke and said," All I remenber is being inside this cable all my life and that man was my Master. I did everything he told me to do but he thought that I was going to get a rich man to marry me so he could live off of us.  But that  never happened.  So he left. I don't have no money or anything to my name but this cabin."   Luke looked at me and then asked," So you never had a man?  To love you and make you any babies? You are a virgin?"  I shook my head yes and said," Yes. I am a virgin." And I started to cry!!   Luke got up and came over to me and put his head on my lap and said," Karla, Please stop crying!! If you want, you can be my lover and Geoff's lover too.  We will be you every morning and in the day and at the night time too.  But we need to leave at the night time so we can visit you every other morning.  We can give you money for food and you can ride Geoff in to town to get food for us all.  We will live with you and take care of you, and mate with you too. You are so so sexy,Karla.  I want to show you my cock and I will make my magic so when I am mounting you and having my cock in side of your pussy, you will not feel no pain.  Only pleasure from it and then my magic will start to  change your body so Geoff's cock won't hurt you ether. Only if you want this, Karla?"  
  I looked at Luke and thought well, what the hell!! I all ways wanted a man and now I have 2.  I smiled and said," Yes I want this, Luke!!! Show me your sex thing, Luke!!  I want it inside of my virgin pussy now!!"   Luke looked at me and said," First, get those cloths off of you!! I want to see your body naked.  Then you need to get down on all 4's  and I want to put your hand on my cock when it comes out of it's sheath."   I took of my cloths and I got down on the floor on my hands and knees.  Then I felt Luke's tongue licking my pussy and asshole.  I gasped!! His tongue was very long and warm and Luke kept on licking my pussy till my pussy hole started to let his tongue inside of it!!  Luke said," Breath in and out, Karla and I will get your cherry for you!! So then, you can have my cock inside of you!! Do you want this?" I said," YES, YES, YES!!! I want you to do that for me!! Luke!!"  Luke licked and was pushing his long tongue inside my pussy deeper and deeper and then I felt his tongue hit my woman hood and then his tongue pushed it's way totally inside of my pussy canal.  It only hurt for a second or two but then it just felt so good then.  So right.  Just then Luke came up beside me and said," Look under me, Karla. My cock is half out of it's sheath.  I want you to feel it all and rub your hand up and down my cock shaft, that will make it come out even more and Then after that, I want you to be fully on all 4's and have your sweet pussy for  my cock.  I will get on top of your back and I will be making my cock tip rub onto your pussy lips and then I will thrust my cock tip into your pussy hole!!  when I get my cock inside of your pussy canal, a blast of my pre- cum will squirt out,making your pussy canal slippy for my cock to easly  get more inside of it.  Till my knot will squeeze into your pussy hole too.  Then I will thrust more and more deeper inside of you till my cock tip goes inside of your cervix!!!  Then I will stop.  You may be have some of your juices flowing and you mite have your 1st orgasm but try not do that but if it happens ok.  But try not too.  Because I want to feel your 1st orgasm!! I shock my head and said," I do understand you Luke and I will try my hardest, sir."   Luke got up and as I reached out to touch his cock with my hand.  My fingers touched his cock tip and it moved back a little bit but my fingers started to move over his cock tip and it started to come out more from it's sheath. Now I was looking at Luke's cock with new eyes and it was getting longer and more redder by every minute and then I moved my hand all the down it's shaft and then back up to the tip again.  Luke looked back at me and then said," OOOOOOOOO that feels so good, Karla. I want more of my cock to come out so it has time to get hard in your hand and then  stay down on the floor so when I mount you, Your pussy will be ready for my cock!!"   I kept my hand moving up and down on his cock shaft and Luke's cock kept on coming out of it's sheath and getting harder and redder and then I let go of his cock and Luke went behind me and he licked my so wet and dripping pussy with his tongue and then he got up onto my back with his front legs and then his legs went around my waist and then I felt his cock tip rubbing on my pussy hole then Luke thrust his cock tip into my wet pussy hole and I gasped  for air as Luke thrust his cock shaft more into pussy canal!!  I yelled," OH YES!!!  I want to have more of your cock  in my pussy please, Luke?"  Luke Said,"  You asked and I will give you what you been wanting for a very long time!!  A cock inside of your hot horny pussy, Karla!!" Just then I felt another huge thrust and lots more went deeper inside of me!!  Then I felt a blast of pre-cum squirting out of Luke's cock tip and then my arms gave away so I had my tits on the floor and so was my head  but my head was on my arms.  I could feel something trying to get squeeze into my pussy hole but then with another thrust, that whatever went into my pussy canal and then with 2 more huge thrusts, Luke's cock tip entered my cervix and then with 1 more huge thrust, his cock shaft was half inside my cervix.  And his cock tip was touching my cervix's wall!!  Luke and I was breathing every heavy and Luke said,"  Now I have all  my cock inside of your canal and in your cervix and my knot is also inside of your horny pussy canal too.  Now we can rest some but I can feel your pussy canal has tighten around my knot good and shaft too.  In a few minutes, you will be ready for your 1st orgasm and my cock shaft will be growing bigger and my knot will be growing bigger too..... then your feel my balls shack and then feel my hot sperm load going through my cock shaft and knot till it will come out of my cock tip squirting my sperm load all inside of your cervix.  you will also be have your 1st orgasm and squirting your own juices inside of your cervix with me!!  You mite not last as long as me but that is your change from a girl to a woman and yes you are a woman, Karla!!  And we are tied together now.  My knot is your canal now and I can't get my cock out of you till my knot goes  down again.  So, I will be mating with you for a long time today. You wanted this for a very long time Karla!! Do you want to go all the way now? I want to make you squirt your sweet juices onto my cock tip every time.  I want to feel your body as it will be giving me all it's wants and pleasurses that I can give to you!!  All I want is what I can give to you!! I know I'm not a human but my cock is way bigger and longer and I can give you my hot sperm and my hot pee too.  But right now, I want to give you my hot sperm load!! Do you feel it?"
              I said,"Yes, I do feel your 1st load of hot sperm load and Yes I want to go ALL the way with you, Luke!! The minute your sperm will be squirting into my cervix, I will be have squirting my 1st orgasm juices also inside my cervix with you!! Then we will be husband and wife.  Not just lovers!! Show me how to make my orgasms longer so we can time our squirting together for now on!!  OH GOD YES!!! I CAN FEEL MY ORGASM NOW!!"   I felt Luke's cock tip squirting his hot 1st load of sperm onto my cervix's wall as my orgasm hit me hard as my back arched up and I was again on all 4's!! My eyes went shut as I screamed," OH SWEET YES!! I AM SQUIRTING MY 1ST HOT JUICES WITH YOU, MY HUSBAND!!! OH HELL YES!! I LOVE YOUR HOT SPERM SQUIRTING ALL UP INSIDE OF ME!  I want you to fill me up every time with your hot sperm, baby!!  I want your magic to change me so I have a bigger cervix than what I have now.  And I want another cervix just for pee!!  So I can have my food and drink."  But then my 1st orgasm was all done.  But I was panting just like a dog!!   Luke asked me," Do you want some hot pee to cold you down, my love?"   I shock my head yes and then I felt Luke slide off of my back and was standing beside me but his ass was up to my ass and my pussy.  I could feel his ball sake on my swollen pussy lips.  Luke said," I want another cock now." I looked down at his belly and then I saw with my own eyes,  a dog sheath with ball sack appear on him right above his other cock sheath ( In front of it)  and out pops another dog cock tip from that sheath!!  I looked up at Luke and said," WOW!!"  Luke laughed a little and said," Anything for my sexy wife!! That is my pee cock. I only  use it when the other one is busy!! I want you to get my cock in your hand and when it is long enough, it will be up to your mouth and I want you to put  my cock tip in your mouth and close it and suck on it like a straw.  Use your tongue too.  I will pee in your mouth so you won't get thirsty!!  My hot pee is for you only!!"   
             I did what my husband told me to do,  Luke's pee cock was longer and bigger and when his cock shaft was almost up to my mouth, I had my hand running up and down all the shaft  and then I saw that the pee/cum hole just wide open about 4 inches across it!!  I put it inside my mouth and closed it and began sucking on it like crazy and running my tongue up and down it too.  I tilted my head back and opened up my air way as I felt hot pee squirting down it!! I heard Luke saying," OH YES!!!  when ever you get thirsty my love, just ask. "   It toke about 5 minutes for Luke to stop peeing but before he did, I put my head like normal and got a few mouth fulls and swallowing his hot pee down.  After he stopped, I toke his cock out of my mouth and said," YUMMY PEE Baby!! I loved it all!! Thank you!!  Luke smiled at me and then my 2nd orgasm hit me and then I felt both of us squirting our sperm /juices together.  Luke said," YES!!  Our bodies are at the same time now, baby!! for now on, our bodies will be squirting at the same time!!  My magic is working fast on you, baby.  After this time, your cervix will be full, so we need to rest up so your cervix needs time to get rid of our sperm/juices.  All because Your cervix is still small but after all of our sperm/juices goes back to your body for food. Then your new cervix's will be a lot bigger so it could hold 5 times more than this one does.

Monday, May 6, 2013

Karla's Hot Hotel

My name is Karla and I own a hotel but not a hotel where man and women goes to but I own a animal hotel named," Karla's Hot Hotel!!"
   But this hotel is not on planet Earth, oh no!! It's on planet #2982. The only planet that was like Earth before the Earth was blown up by all the wars that us humans beings did!!  I grabed all the animals before it blow up and got a rocket and lefted Earth forever!!  I feed the animals and yes I am having sex with them too. Then after a hell long time, I found this planet with air,water and land too. So I made this hotel for them all!!  Now I have the best hotel cuz all the animals went from 4 legs to 2 legs and talking and have more than normal cocks!!
 Now about myself: And my body went from normal to WOW!!! I have now:  3 pussies, 3 cervix's, 1 asshole ( can become any animal asshole plus tail) And I can also have 2 cocks of any animal cuz I get over sex out by all the guys!! (Yes I said that!!) And I need me time alone.  I have sex with myself!! And also I have their babies too!!  I also have 55 XXX tits! I can make them round nipples or long pointy nipples or just huge nipples!!  (I had 44 ds tits on earth.) But for food or drink, I can drink pee and their sperm is my food!! But their food is grown on the planet for them all!! I have roborts to do that for me!!  Oh, the all animals calls me, "QUEEN of SEX!!"
   My week:
         Monday:  It is 6am and I get my wake call from Orcar. The  male horse that is on 2 legs. I got up and open up my door and walked down the hall way to Orcar's room!! I knocked on his door and Orcar said," Come on in, Sexy!!"  I opened up his door and walk thought it and closed up behind me and locked it!!  I came over to Orcar as he gets up from his bed and puts out his hand so I could get onto his bed (all 4's) and then I feel Orcar's long tongue licking my pussy hole and asshole! I moan cuz it feels so damn good!! Then Orcar's tongue goes inside my pussy hole and I lend my top half down onto the bed as Orcar's tongue is cleaning out my pussy hole!!  Then Orcar says to me," Get out your horse cock so when I put my huge cock inside of you, I want you to have your huge cock straight back and up so it can get into my asshole at the same time!! I will lower myself onto your cock as it goes inside my asshole!! You wont need to do anything as for thrusting your cock, NO Way!! I will do all of that!! You just need to watch the tv screen, up till timing it right for your load of  hot sperm and my load of hot sperm and your orgasm (squirting your juices all over my flared cock head from your G-spot) all at the same time!! I know we can do it!!"
    Just then I said," Horse cock upside down, up above my asshole."  Just then my horse cock sheath was upside down above my asshole. It was coming out straight and hard and then I felt Orcar's mushroom head  trying to get alittle bit of my pussy hole  to open  up.  Then I felt Orcar's hands on my hips as the Big Tv Screen came down in front of me and I saw Orcar lowering his horse ass down till  touched my mushroom head onto his asshole. His tail was raised all the way up and then the screen split in half, one side was on my pussy hole and the another side was my cock and his asshole!!  Orcar said," Ready for this,baby?" I said," Yes I am!! I want it all baby!! Make me squirt my load of hot sperm deep inside your cervix and inside my cervix with your load of hot sperm and my hot juices too, Baby!!!"
    Just then both his and mine went deep inside each other's asshole and pussy!!!  We both gasped at the same time but Orcar rolled hips up and down and in and out!! Thrusting his cock and my cock deeper in the same motion!!  We both started moaning loudly as Orcar contine getting  both of our cocks in deeper with every motion!! My horse cock started squirting in short blasts pre-cum and so did his cock inside my vaginal short blast of pre-cum!! We both were breathing heavy as every motion made our cocks shafts go inside 4 feet deeper!! I screamed," Oh Sweet sex god!! I want to see all of my cock shaft going inside of your sweet asshole, baby!!!"  Another blast of pre-cum from both cocks and then Orcar said," I want all of my cock inside your sexy pussy hole,baby!! We both have 8 more feet more then we are both totally inside each other!!  Then a little rest!!  Then let our cocks do their natual  thing by squirting our loads of hot sperm and your hot juices too!!" Then 4 more feet went in and blast and then the biggest thrust and the last 4 feet went inside!! I could feel my sheath and ball sack on Orcar's asshole and  feel his sheath and ball sack on my asshole too!! We both were breathing heavy now, so we  fell on to  each other!! I can feel Orcar's cock throbbing up and down inside my cervix and mine was also throbbing up and down inside his asshole cervix too!!  We both started kissing each other and then I felt my 1st orgasm was ready to squirt it's hot juices on to Orcar's cock and Then I felt also my cock growing bigger then what it was before and then I felt Orcar's cock growing inside of my pussy canal till it was full of his cock!! Then I felt my ball sack started shacking  and i felt my hot load of sperm going through my shaft till my mushroom head flared out  and  began squirting it's 1st huge load of hot sperm all into Orcar's asshole cervix.  Then I started squirting my hot juices onto Orcar's cock shaft too.  I yelled," OH GOD!! YES!!" Then I felt Orcar's cock head flared out,squirting his 1st hot load of sperm into my cervix!! ( That's the best feeling ever!!)  I closed my eyes and rode out my huge orgasm and I start rocking onto Orcar's cock shaft, feeling the ridges onto my clit and I said," This is going to keep me squirting my juices even more now!! Because your ridges on your cock shaft are way up and there is a lot of them where my clit is too."   Orcar said," MMMMMMMMMMMMMMM, I love how you can make your self squirt more hot juices onto my cock shaft!! Keep on doing it!! Don't stop!! Your G-spots are rubbing on my shaft inside of your pussy canal